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"I've learnt to prioritise what's important to me because life is more than gaming."

Where he was before…

A few years ago, 17-year-old Kenneth Soh's world revolved around computer gaming. Kenneth did not socialise much with his classmates and friends as he would rather spend time with his online or virtual friends. He was also skipping school as often as three to four days a week, and would game late into the night. At the peak of his gaming obsession, Kenneth would game from 12 midnight to 7 in the morning during the Chinese New Year period.

Kenneth's parents were also unable to control his gaming habits as he refused to listen to their advice. To avoid detection, he would even hide under the blanket in his room to play games on his laptop. His school teachers also tried to reach out to him, and finally referred him to TOUCH Cyber Wellness for counselling.

Turning point…

With help from the counsellor and youth mentors from PlanetCRuSH Cyber Wellness Centre, Kenneth soon learnt to understand himself better and more importantly, how to overcome his gaming habits. He was also introduced to community groups at the Centre to engage him in activities such as sports and small group sharing to overcome some of his negative thoughts and feelings.

In the process of sharing his problems and feelings, he started to think more about his priorities and future direction in life. Instead of spending long hours on computer gaming, Kenneth soon learnt how to diversify his activities with help from the TOUCH Cyber Wellness team. For example, he would also play basketball with other gamers from the PlanetCRuSH Cyber Wellness Centre.

Where he is today…

Kenneth discovered that having a worthy passion is the key to success. He started working hard at becoming a more focused person and to lead a more balanced life. He now knows the importance of doing the right thing at the right time, and never to give up in life. Kenneth feels happier now because he knows that life is more than just gaming.


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