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success stories

There's more to life than gaming

Where he was before…

Cheng En was first exposed to computer gaming when he was in primary school. He would spend hours playing his favourite computer game, Maple Story, as it gave him a sense of achievement.

Soon, Cheng En was losing interest in his studies and hardly had time for family and friends. When he entered secondary school, Cheng En migrated from playing Maple Story to a more competitive strategy game, DOTA (Defence of the Ancient). He would often join his close friends in LAN shops after school, playing for hours before returning home late at night.

Soon, Cheng En's results started to deteriorate. He barely passed his exams.

Turning point…

Cheng En was then introduced to TOUCH Cyber Wellness where he was connected with a youth mentor who helped him understand the importance of drawing a balance between the virtual and real world.

With the help of a counsellor, Cheng En also gained a deeper insight into his own motivations and gaming habits. The PlanetCRuSH experience at the PlanetCRuSH Cyber Wellness Centre at Bukit Merah also provided a healthy gaming environment for Cheng En.

There, he befriended other youths who engaged in a variety of activities such as basketball, movie, outings and study sessions - other than gaming. It was then that he realised the futility of spending all his free time gaming.

The changes were visible. Soon, his school work began to improve as he became more responsible. He would finish his homework first before playing computer games. Cheng En was also able to enjoy a closer relationship with his mother. He would inform her about his whereabouts each time he was out late.

Where he is today…

Cheng En is now a volunteer with TOUCH Cyber Wellness where he befriends and mentors youths under the Cyber Wellness Enrichment Programme. The activities include involving youths in fun activities, such as teaching them the basics of fishing and giving a live hands-on demonstration on how to catch fishes.

With help from TOUCH Cyber Wellness, Cheng En's life has been transformed - from a life that was bound to computer gaming to one which is filled with meaning and purpose.


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